About Haunted Savannah Tours

Haunted Savannah Tours was founded in 2011 by longtime paranormal enthusiast and ghost hunter Chris Allen. Our Savannah Ghost Tours have since grown to include two different tours offered nightly all year round. We offer an 8pm tour called the Original Haunted Savannah Tour and a 10pm tour called the Spirits and Scoundrels Ghost Tour. We also offer public ghost hunts in America’s most haunted locations.

What sets us apart is our dedication to our customers. We strive to make sure everyone is having a great time on our tours, skeptics and believers. We also were the first tour in Savannah to show real video, picture and audio evidence on our ghost tours.

We are always researching new information and locations to keep our tours fresh and up to date.

Mission Statement: To show our guest around Savannah and tell about her rich history and legends in an entertaining way. To discuss ghost and hauntings in an intelligent manner and research Savannah’s history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Haunted Savannah Tours is a walking Savannah ghost tours company founded by longtime paranormal enthusiast Chris Allen. Chris co-founded the Paulding Paranormal Society in 2002 while he was a resident of Atlanta, GA. He has many hours of field experience as a professional ghost hunter and is a published author and lecturer on the subject. In 2006, Chris began doing guided investigations of a local cemetery. This escalated into full Ghost Tours, Paranormal Classes and Lectures. In 2009, Chris moved to Savannah to pursue a career he loved doing and opened Haunted Savannah Tours to offer the very best of Savannah Ghost Tours.
These Savannah ghost tours are walking tours in downtown Savannah. The tour guide will escort you to historic locations. At each location you will hear true stories and obscure bits of history about Savannah. The guide will also share with you the tales of ghostly apparitions and paranormal manifestations that are attributed to these places. On our tour you will not only hear the stories (as on most ghost tours) but also see some historic photographs along with EVP (electronic voice phenomena), spirit photography and videos of real paranormal evidence caught at the locations you will visit.
Yes, reservations are required as we can only take a small number of people at one time. Prepayment using a debit or credit card is also required. We cannot take payment at the time of tour.
You do not need to print out tickets. The guide will have your name.To order, please visit our tours pages or you may call 912-445-5027.

When you order tickets, a confirmation will be sent to your email or text your provided.

Our Savannah Ghost Tours go rain or shine. Please bring an umbrella if rain is expected. However, there are times when it is just too dangerous to be outside we will cancel if we believe the conditions are too bad. If you have concerns about the weather, please call us at 912-445-5027. No shows will still be charged the full amount.
If you need to cancel the tour for any reason, please read our cancellations policy ( https://www.hauntedsavannahtours.com/disclaimer-cancellations/) You must notify us of a cancellation as No-Shows will be charged.
Parking in Savannah can be hard to find. Usually, there are spaces for street parking all around Lafayette Square or down the side streets. Please arrive to the tour early to make sure you can find parking. Please note that street parking is FREE after 5pm on weekdays and free all day on weekends. Please arrive to the tour early to make sure you find a place to park.
The stories we recount are based on documented people, places or things. Some of the stories are very old and well known to the area and others have been discovered through our research. Also, the Real Evidence shown on our Savannah Ghost Tours was caught by either us or other reputable sources. We do not show Orbs or Mist, but clear, full body apparitions and Class A EVPs.
Dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes.
Yes. We love to do private groups or parties. Many times we can pull from our research and tie a story or two directly into your group mission or special occasion. Private Tours are only available for larger parties. If you wish for a private tour with a smaller group, please call us at 912-445-5027 for special pricing.
Absolutely! We suggest you bring your cameras…both digital, film and video if you wish. You are welcome to bring your digital recorders, EMF meters or other ghost hunting equipment. The only prohibition is that you cannot reproduce, sell or internet post any audio or video clips without permission.
We certainly cannot promise you that you will bump into or catch a photo of a ghost. We would also point out that just because you don’t see one doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. That’s the nature of ghosts! You may just capture one on camera or audio!