Savannah’s Eerie Haunted History

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Savannah’s Eerie Haunted History You can learn a lot about a cities’ modern times by looking back at its history. Savannah Georgia is no different. Well, it might be different than most cities. See, Savannah has seen more than her share of tragedy and heartbreak. Could this be why Savannah is widely known as one of the most haunted cities …

Halloween Savannah Ghost Walks

Haunted Savannah’s Halloween Ghost Tours

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Halloween Ghost Tours Are Here! It’s that time of year again. Us here at Haunted Savannah Tours always look forward to our Halloween Savannah Ghost Walks. It’s our favorite time of the year. The weather is perfect and the atmosphere just seems right for a Ghost Tour. We will be holding both the 8pm tour and the 10pm tour every …

Savannah Ghost Tours in October

Savannah Ghost Tours in October

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October is right round the corner. The time for festivals, family outings and, of course, ghost! There is nothing better to do in October than a Savannah Ghost Tours, but while you’re in town, what other ghostly things are there to do? You could visit one of our many cemeteries in town, such as Colonial Park or Bonaventure. Eat at …

Cell Sensor Contest

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We here at Haunted Savannah Tours are not only tour guides, we are also experienced paranormal investigators and love to integrate paranormal investigation technology into our tours. We always encourage guest to take pictures, record video, audio and sweep for Electromagnetic fields during the tours to find ghost of their own! Now is your chance to win a Cell Sensor …

Strange Savannah Facts

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After years of doing Savannah Ghost Tours, one learns a few pieces of strange or unusual things about the Hostess City. Here is an attempt to list a few of these. There are only 612 tombstones in Colonial Park Cemetery but almost 10,000 bodies After closing it’s doors to burials, a tombstone was added to Colonial Park Cemetery for a …

Gracie Watson | Savannah Ghost Tours

Gracie Watson

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One of the most discussed residents in Bonaventure Cemetery (and on Savannah Ghost Tours) is little Gracie Watson. Her story has endured over the years as a representative of Savannah in both death and life. Gracie was born in 1833 as the only child of W.J. and Frances Watson of Boston Massachusetts. When the Watsons moved to Savannah, they took …

Young Conrad Aiken

Tragic Story of Conrad Aiken

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Early Years One of the rarely told stories on Savannah Ghost Tours is that of Conrad Aiken. Conrad Aiken was born in 1889 and lived on  Oglethorpe St. in Savannah, GA. Conrad Aiken was the son of wealthy parents who had moved to Savannah, where his father became a highly respected physician and surgeon. He grew up in a household with parents …

Savannah Ghost Tours at the Owens Thomas House

Ghost of the Owens-Thomas House

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On one of our Savannah Ghost Tours you may notice the grand home looking down on Oglethorpe Square sits as one of the finest examples of Regency architecture in Savannah. The Owens-Thomas house, designed by architect William Jay, was completed for cotton merchant and banker Richard Richardson in 1819. The home is made even more special by its indoor plumbing …