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Savannah Theater

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A Historic Theater Join us on a Savannah Ghost Tour, and take a visit by the old Savannah Theater. The Savannah Theater is the oldest, continually operating theater in the United States. It opened it’s doors back in December of 1818 and was designed by William Jay in the Regency style of architecture. The opening night featured a comedy “The …

Gracie Watson | Savannah Ghost Tours

Gracie Watson

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One of the most discussed residents in Bonaventure Cemetery (and on Savannah Ghost Tours) is little Gracie Watson. Her story has endured over the years as a representative of Savannah in both death and life. Gracie was born in 1833 as the only child of W.J. and Frances Watson of Boston Massachusetts. When the Watsons moved to Savannah, they took …

Young Conrad Aiken

Tragic Story of Conrad Aiken

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Early Years One of the rarely told stories on Savannah Ghost Tours is that of Conrad Aiken. Conrad Aiken was born in 1889 and lived on  Oglethorpe St. in Savannah, GA. Conrad Aiken was the son of wealthy parents who had moved to Savannah, where his father became a highly respected physician and surgeon. He grew up in a household with parents …

Savannah Ghost Tours at the Owens Thomas House

Ghost of the Owens-Thomas House

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On one of our Savannah Ghost Tours you may notice the grand home looking down on Oglethorpe Square sits as one of the finest examples of Regency architecture in Savannah. The Owens-Thomas house, designed by architect William Jay, was completed for cotton merchant and banker Richard Richardson in 1819. The home is made even more special by its indoor plumbing …

Looking for Ghosts in Savannah

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Looking for Ghosts in Savannah As a fan of all things ghostly is it hard to think of a better town to live in than Savannah Georgia. Being a ghost tour company operator certainly has its perks as well. For example, I can go look for ghosts in the most haunted town in America pretty much anytime I want. The …

An Exorcism in Savannah

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On East Byron Street sat a home built in 1796 by a man from Rhode Island named Hampton Lillibridge. The house, complete with a Widow’s Walk, looks like it would be right at home in a New England town, not downtown Savannah. After Mr. Lillibridge died, his wife remarried and sold the home. After a long period of owners passing …

Good and Evil at Midnight

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Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was written by John Berrendt and published in 1994, is known in Savannah simply as “The Book”. It chronicles the lives of a wide range of eccentric personalities in and around the city of Savannah, Georgia. Voodoo, Murder and debauchery intertwines the pages, each turn takes you deeper into Savannah’s strange, eccentric …

The Ghosts of the Clusky Storehouses

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Ghosts of the Clusky Storehouses First off, I just want to introduce myself. My name is Tim Nealon and I am paranormal investigator here in Savannah. I am going to be writing a guest blog post for Chris here at Haunted Savannah Tours on a weekly basis. So, keep coming back for more information on ghosts and hauntings, not only …

Haunted Savannah: Ghost of the Old Pink House

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A usual stop on one of the Savannah Ghost Tours is the Old Pink House. Built in 1771 by James Habersham Jr., the Old Pink House has stood as a Savannah landmark for many years. James was a Revolutionary War hero who quickly won the rank of “major”. His home was built of red bricks which were covered in white …