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Savannah Ghost Tours: Insider tips before you go

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Not all Savannah Ghost Tours are created equal.

There are many different types of Savannah Ghost Tours to choose from: Trolleys, Hearse, and Walking.
Some are well done with good research, others are just retelling of stories they could find in one of the many Savannah Ghost Stories Books. Some only get to see the haunts from the outside while others are able to get access inside a haunted location. This can make choosing a good Savannah Ghost Tour difficult. This is our list of the 5 tips you need to know before choosing your Savannah Ghost Tours. In no particular order!

Savannah Ghost Tours Insider Tips | Haunted Savannah Tours

1. Research tours before jumping into a reservation.

There are many types of Savannah Ghost Tours, so be sure to explore your options before settling on one. From Ghost Walking Tours, to Trolley, Carriage, and even a hearse there are as many ways to hear Savannah Ghost Stories as there are stories! Depending on what you want, each of these types can be good in their own way. If you don’t feel like walking, take one of the many riding Savannah Ghost Tours. But, if you really want to see the haunts up close and get a real feel for a great story, then the walking tour is always the best bet. When riding, the trolley can’t stop and let you really hear about the location or take pictures. They must keep going. Most stories aboard a vehicle are summarized because they pass by so fast. Also, it never hurts to be environmentally conscious and take a walking tour!


Most Savannah Ghost Tours only have access to public streets and squares where they will tell you the stories of the haunted buildings. Other’s actually have ACCESS to these haunted buildings! Our Spirits and Scoundrels Ghost Tours get EXCLUSIVE Access to the Sorrel-Weed Mansion. The Sorrel-Weed House is Savannah’s most haunted house and has been featured in Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures!

Once you’ve decided on a tour, go ahead and book it!

2. Reservations are a must!

The City of Savannah puts a limit on how many guest we can take per tour guide, so our slots are limited. Reservations made in advance are recommended as many Savannah Ghost Tours tend to fill up quickly. Even in the slow season, tickets can sometimes sell out fast.

3. Always be on time

This one is important. Usually, the Ghost Tour has a set schedule to start and end by so they will start on time. Not only is this set by tour start times, but it is also set by the City. Savannah has strict rules on when and where a tour can be at different times of the night. They call these areas Hot Zones and if a tour is caught within these zones at a time when they are not supposed to be there, the Ghost Tour and the Guide can receive a hefty fine. Most Savannah Ghost Tours ask their guest to be about 10 to 15 minutes early for check in and to make sure they find parking.

We understand that sometimes things happen and you may be late arriving for your tour, so we try to accommodate. But keep in mind that it isn’t fair to keep the others in the group waiting because one party is late. So, if you are running late, or are lost, please call the office and let them know. Usually they can help you get to your tour with no problems. Don’t wait until after the time the tour starts to then call. You usually won’t be able to catch up to the tour!

4. Respect the Guide and the other guest on the tour

We have people from all over the world take our Savannah Ghost Tours. From every race, faith, and creed. Guest on our tours can be either a Believer or Skeptic. We try to make sure everyone is having a great time, even those that were dragged there by their family even though they don’t like ghost stories. But keep in mind that everyone is there to enjoy a great ghost tour and hear local tales, legends, and history.

5. Do not expect to see a ghost

Don’t take a ghost tour and expect to see or touch a ghost. While this may seem obvious, it’s surprising how many people take a Savannah Ghost Tour expecting to see a ghost and get extremely disappointed when one fails to appear right before their eyes. We always do encourage our guest to take plenty of pictures on our tours. We have had much success in capturing anomalous phenomena on film and video as well as capturing some captivating EVPs!

Well, there you go! I hope these insider tips will help you choose which Savannah Ghost Tour is right for you.

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