Choose from our Savannah Ghost Tours:

Original Haunted Savannah Tour

8:00 pm / 7 nights per week
$20 Adults | $10 Kids 6-12

Haunted History and More Learn what makes Savannah America’s Most Haunted City!
This tour is told by master storytellers and paranormal investigators.

Spirits & Scoundrels Ghost Tour

10:00 pm / 7 nights per week
$30 Adults 18+ Only

Our uncensored, adult’s only ghost tour. Explore the darker side of Savannah ghosts and legends!

This is our most popular tour!

Haunted Savannah Pub Tour

9:00 pm / Mon-Sat Nights / $25 Adults

Hosted by our friends at Savannah Pub Tours, this is a fun Ghost Tour of the city and the haunted bars and pubs.

Take your drinks with you as you explore Haunted Savannah. Not to be missed

Savannah Secrets: True Crime Tour

Our CREEPIEST Tour, Savannah Secrets!

This tour is NOT for the faint of heart! It is an uncensored look into the underbelly of Savannah. Become a detective and uncover the truth behind some of Savannah’s most deadly secrets. Who was Delia Green? What was Savannah’s first murder? Find out on the Savannah Secrets: True Crime Tou

9:30 pm
7 nights per week
$30 Mature Adults 16+

Only This tour features disturbing content, real crime scene photos, and interviews with serial killers. Discretion is advised!

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Very Limited Time - Save 10% - Enter promo code 'Giveme10' Reserve Tickets Today!