Four Great Tours to Choose From

Haunted Savannah Original Ghost Tour | 8pm

Join us on a captivating journey through Savannah’s eerie past with our All Ages Haunted Savannah Original Ghost Tour. Discover historic haunts, hear spine-tingling tales, and explore the city’s most ghostly sites. A perfect adventure for the whole family to uncover the mysteries of America’s Most Haunted City.

$24.99 Adults | $11.99 Children 4-12 | 3 and under FREE

Spirits & Scoundrels Ghost Tour | 10pm

Experience the darker side of Savannah with the Spirits & Scoundrels Ghost Tour, exclusively for adults 18 and over. Delve into tales of wicked deeds and restless spirits on this after-dark adventure, exploring the city’s most infamous haunts. A perfect blend of history, horror, and mystery awaits those daring enough to uncover what lurks in the shadows of America’s Most Haunted City.

$29.99 Adult’s Only 18+ 

Savannah Secrets True Crime Tour | 8pm

Step into the underbelly of Savannah’s history with the Savannah Secrets True Crime Tour, designed for an adult audience 16 and up. This gripping tour unravels the true tales of crime and justice that stain the city’s storied streets. From sinister acts to unsolved mysteries, brace yourself for an evening of intrigue as you explore the scenes of Savannah’s most notorious crimes.

$29.99 Adult’s Only 16+