9:30pm | Savannah Secrets: True Crime Tour

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Tour Info

9:30 pm – 2 Hours
7 nights per week
$30 Adults | 16+ ONLY
Begins at Lafayette Square

This is a Walking Tour Pet
and Wheelchair-friendly

Reservations are Required

Original Haunted Savannah ToursSavannah holds many secrets. Discover those secrets with us.

Who was Delia and what horrible fate awaited her? What happened at Savannah’s first murder?

Uncover the truth behind Savannah’s most famous murder.  

Savannah Ghost Tours with Haunted Savannah ToursWarning…this tour is not for the faint-hearted!

This is a tour for mature adults 16+ only. The stories told on this tour are far more real than a ghost story, these are tales of true crimes and murders. Some are famous, others are more obscure…all are true.

Play Detective and uncover the truths behind some of Savannah’sbest-keptt Secrets!

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Crystal M. – Real Yelp Reviewer

We chose this tour based off of reviews from Trip Advisor. We were not disappointed in the least. We took the 8:oo tour because we were with our children. They enjoyed the tour as well. The guide was very knowledgeable about the area and lore. We want to return to do the VooDoo tour on our next trip, when it is just my husband and I.

Carolyn C. – Real Yelp Reviewer

This was so much fun! We did the Original Tour. Our guide was really knowledgeable and personable. He brought us to great locations and told really interesting stories, with videos/sound clips/photos to enhance them. Not only is it fun for the ghost/supernatural aspects, but you learn a lot about the history of Savannah. We did a lot of research before we chose which ghost tour to do, and I would highly recommend this one.

Our Savannah Ghost Tours

Original Haunted Savannah Tour

8:00 pm / 7 nights per week
$20 Adults | $10 Kids 6-12

Haunted History and More Learn what makes Savannah America’s Most Haunted City!
This tour is told by master storytellers and paranormal investigators.

Spirits & Scoundrels Ghost Tour

10:00 pm / 7 nights per week
$30 Adults 18+ Only

Our uncensored, adult’s only ghost tour. Explore the darker side of Savannah ghosts and legends! 

Haunted Savannah Pub Tour

9:00 pm / Mon-Sat Nights / $25 Adults

Hosted by our friends at Savannah Pub Tours, this is a fun Ghost Tour of the city and the haunted bars and pubs.

Take your drinks with you as you explore Haunted Savannah. Not to be missed

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Very Limited Time - Save 10% - Enter promo code 'Giveme10' Reserve Tickets Today!