9:30pm | Savannah Secrets: True Crime Tour

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  • Savannah holds many secrets.

    Discover those secrets with us. Who was Delia and what horrible fate awaited her? What happened at Savannah’s first murder? Uncover the truth behind Savannah’s most famous murder.

  • Savannah Secrets True Crime

    Savannah Secrets True Crime

Tour Info

9:30 pm -2 Hours
7 nights per week
$30 Adults 16+

Begins at Lafayette Square

This is a Walking Tour
Pet and Wheelchair friendly

Reservations are Required

  • Warning…this tour is not for the faint-hearted!

    This is a tour for mature adults 16+ only. The stories told on this tour are far more real than a ghost story, these are tales of true crimes and murders. Some are famous, others are more obscure…all are true. Play Detective and uncover the truths behind some of Savannah’s best kept Secrets!

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