10pm | Adults Only Spirits & Scoundrels Ghost Tour

Experience a Savannah Ghost Tour like no other on our uncensored, adults-only Spirits and Scoundrels Tour.

Spirits and Scoundrels Ghost Tour

Reservations are Required

$29.99 Adults

18+ Only

Tour Overview

}  10:00pm | Nearly 2 Hours

  Adults Only 18+

  Lafayette Square

7 Nights a week


This is a Walking Tour. Wheelchair friendly. Well behaved dogs are welcome.

This is an uncensored tour and contains some graphic content.

Discover Savannah’s Haunted Mysteries: Adults-Only Ghost Tour

Embark on an Adventure Through the Shadows of Savannah
Join us for an exhilarating exploration into the heart of Savannah’s haunted history. Experience the thrill of uncovering the city’s most chilling secrets and legends. Find out firsthand why Savannah is celebrated as America’s Most Haunted City.

Dive Deep into the Eerie and the Untold

Prepare yourself for an adults-only journey that delves into the unsettling tales of ghosts, gruesome murders, and the mysterious occult. Our Spirits and Scoundrels Tour offers an uncensored glimpse into the macabre past that lurks within Savannah’s beautiful facade.

Witness Paranormal Evidence Up Close

Our team of seasoned ghost hunters and past guests have captured startling paranormal evidence. On this tour, you’ll have the chance to see these authentic photos and hear the stories behind them, bringing the unseen world into eerie focus.

An Adults-Only Experience Like No Other

The Spirits and Scoundrels Tour is designed exclusively for adults, offering a raw and unfiltered look at Savannah’s sinister history. From tales of ritual sacrifices and voodoo to accounts of murder and suicide, discover the dark forces that have shaped this city.

Explore Locations Shrouded in Mystery

Venture to the very places where Savannah’s darkest tales originated. Learn about the occult’s influence on the city’s notable figures and uncover the hidden horrors that Savannah has tried to keep in the shadows. How do these sinister past events continue to influence Savannah today?

Mercer WIlliams House | Photo by C Allen

A Tour That Stays With You

Our guests often say it’s not just a tour—it’s an experience that haunts them long after the night ends. “I am still terrified… one story, in particular, continues to haunt me. I wake up at night thinking, could that be real?”

Dare to uncover the truth behind Savannah’s elegant exterior on our Spirits and Scoundrels Tour. It’s more than just a ghost tour; it’s a passage into the heart of the city’s haunted heritage. Are you ready to explore Savannah’s darker secrets?

Great Ghost Tour!

Did the spirits and scoundrels tour with a friend last night and had a blast! Our tour guide was super knowledgeable and personable and funny. Gave us lots of great information and some awesome chills! She was great! A super fun thing to do while in Savannah for the evening!

Jen E.


Me and my mother went on the 10 PM Spirits and Scoundrels tour this past Sunday. Kellee was awesome and super knowledgeable. We had the best time! I would definitely recommend this tour company and I would totally go again. Thank you guys so much for having us!

Kristin A.

Perfect Tour

We went on the Spirits and Scoundrels, adults-only walking tour last night, and had a blast! The stops consisted of a perfect mix of old legends and more modern tales. This tour is an awesome way to learn about some of Savannah’s darker history. Would definitely recommend to anyone visiting the city!

Crystal D.

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This Tour Meets At Lafayette Square

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