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Walking Savannah Ghost Tours

Join us on a stroll down Savannah’s shadowy lanes and discover the ghosts, ghouls and legends in America’s Most Haunted City. Uncover Savannah history and visit locations where spirits are said to roam. What secrets lie beneath your feet? What hides behind the walls of that old mansion on the corner? Find out with us on one of our Savannah Ghost Tours.

Our Savannah Ghost Tours

Original Haunted Savannah Ghost Tour

Original Haunted Savannah Tour

8:00 pm
7 nights per week
$20 Adults | $10 Kids 6-12

Haunted History and More
Learn what makes Savannah America’s Most Haunted City!
This tour is told by master storytellers and paranormal investigators.

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Spirits and Scoundrels Savannah Ghost Tour

Spirits & Scoundrels Ghost Tour

10:00 pm
7 nights per week
$30 Adults 18+ Only

Our uncensored, adult’s only ghost tour. Explore the darker side of Savannah ghosts and legends!

This tour gets exclusive access to the Sorrel Weed House Courtyard. Stand where the story happened!

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Haunted Savannah Pub Tours

Haunted Savannah Pub Tour

9:00 pm
Mon – Sat Nights
$25 Adults
Hosted by our friends at Savannah Pub Tours , this is a fun Ghost Tour of the city and the haunted bars and pubs.

Take your drinks with you as you explore Haunted Savannah.
Not to be missed!

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Savannah Secrets: True Crime Tour

Our CREEPIEST Tour, Savannah Secrets!

This tour is NOT for the faint of heart! It is an uncensored look into the underbelly of Savannah. Become a detective and uncover the truth behind some of Savannah’s most deadly secrets. Who was Delia Green? What was Savannah’s first murder? Find out on the Savannah Secrets: True Crime Tour!

9:30 pm

7 nights per week

$30 Mature Adults 16+ Only

This tour features disturbing content, real crime scene photos, and interviews with serial killers. Discretion is advised!

See Real Paranormal Evidence

We use modern technology and traditional storytelling to create a unique Savannah Ghost Tour experience! Our team of Paranormal Investigators have collected video, audio and photographic evidence of the ghost that haunt Savannah and we want to share them with you.

As longtime paranormal investigators we do not use orbs or mist as evidence. We show Full Body Apparitions and Class A EVP’s.

  • Audio

    Hear real EVP’s caught by past guest or our own team of paranormal investigators!

  • Video

    View ghosts caught on video. Try to catch your own videos while on our tour!

  • Photos

    Our guest are always catching great ghostly photographs. We share a select few on our tours and help you catch your own!

Savannah Ghost Tours with Real Paranormal Evidence

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Savannah Ghost Tours with Haunted Savannah Tours

Our walking Savannah Ghost Tours will take you past many of the haunted and legendary locations that got Savannah her award for America’s Most Haunted City. Each location on our Savannah Ghost Walks has been researched by our team of Ghost Hunters, so you will hear the history, legends, and be shown Real Paranormal Evidence that was caught at the locations.

We also have exclusive access to the Courtyard of the Sorrel Weed Mansion – Savannah’s Most Haunted House! We are the only Walking Savannah Ghost Tour allowed in.

Savannah Magazine claimed our tours are “interactive, multimedia storytelling at its most visceral“. TripAdvisor reviews from past guests claim our tours are “Legit and Creepy”.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It!


I cannot say enough good things about this tour. Seriously. We attended the 10pm “spirits and scoundrels” tour and Ho-Lee-Moly was it fantastic! 432 Abercorn Street will absolutely chill you to the bone. Our tour guide was stupendous. A, “Long Distance Native,” she was so knowledgeable about the history of this amazing city. What great stories! We will most definitely be attending again. If you have never been to Savannah and fancy wanting to know it’s darker history, there is no better tour to take. This. Is. It. Look no further. Buy the ticket.


“I am still terrified…”

Let me start off by saying that I love everything creepy, haunted, and ghost related. I am usually not bothered by scary ghost stories. I loved all the stories Chris told us on our tour.That being said, one story in particular has continued to haunt me. I wake up at night and I think, could that be?? I’m glad that as a family we took the tour. Chris was so personable and my kids loved him. I like the way he incorporated technology and his tour. Ghost hunting and tours is a personal experience. If you’re looking for a tour that will inspire your imagination, take this tour. You can’t go wrong.

“Haunted Savannah gives you reality with a dose of mysticality”

My wife and I were on our honeymoon and I convinced her to go on the tour. We’d been told from locals and other visitors in the past that Haunted Savannah was the best tour to go on. Michelle was our guide and she was fantastic–this is not a tour if you just want to hear made-up stories built just to scare your pants off. Haunted Savannah gives you hard facts, with research present to you–newspapers and other clippings–to support their claims about each location you visit.. My wife and I loved it, and we couldn’t stop talking about everything even after we got home! Such a great tour and one I would recommend to anyone!

Our Awards and Testimonials

We have won Best Savannah Ghost Tours since 2013. Check out our awards and other testimonials, such as our Certificates of Excellence from TripAdvisor, Best of Savannah Awards and more!

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I want to personally thank you for choosing Haunted Savannah Tours for your Savannah Ghost Tours. I know there are many other tours in town to choose from and it can be daunting to pick a good one. I hope that you give us the chance to show you around our haunted city!Chris Allen, owner of Haunted Savannah Tours