9pm | Haunted Savannah Pub Tour

On your Haunted Savannah Pub Tour, you’ll experience first hand Savannah’s Haunted History as well as explore the secrets of the pubs and taverns. It’s the best of both kinds of Spirits!

NOTICE: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we have had to discontinue this tour for now, and are offering an 8pm all ages ghost tour and a 10pm adult’s only ghost tour only. You may book these tours on our homepage by using the booking calendar or link provided there. Thank you for your understanding.

Reservations are Required


Tour Overview

}  9:00pm | 2 Hours

  Adult’s 21+

  Lafayette Square

Thursday | Friday | Saturday


Drinks are not included. Please drink responsibly.

Gratuities for guide is not expected, yet greatly appreciated.


  • Tales and Legends of Savannah 
  • Ghosts and Drinks!
  • Enjoy Haunted Savannah and make new friends along the way.
  • Visit Historic Pubs and Taverns.

Savannah is known for its ghosts and its brews. Join us on the tour that discovers both at once! Uncover the dark secrets that Savannah holds in the most fun way possible. Learn what makes Savannah the “Most Haunted City in America” and enjoy a few beverages along the way!

Our Haunted Savannah Pub Tour is a gentle 1-mile stroll down Savannah’s historic streets while hearing ghostly tales, quirky history, enjoying great scenery, and having a drink or two along the way.


“My sister and I had a great time. Loved our tour guide, she really knew the history of the city. Wish we would have had time to do another.”

Megan R.

Lot’s of Fun

“Dennis is the man! Very entertaining and engaging. Had a wonderful time crisscrossing the hardscrabble streets of Savannah and hitting some great pubs.”


Haunted Pub Crawl

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Great story teller adding history and haunts. Easy meeting place. Walking at a easy pace. Small group made for personable tour.”

Vincent M.

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This Tour Meets At Lafayette Square

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